A Different Plan for Detroit

A different plan for Detroit than what the power to be are recommending?  Yes there is a different plan that can succeed for Detroit.  For weeks, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and Governor Rick Snyder have pushed back at critics that the bankruptcy was the only plan to save Detroit.  Au contraire, Messrs Orr and Snyder.  The plan currently in place begins the process of lining up winners and losers and if not done just right the biggest loser in the long run will be Detroit and it citizens.  This is quite a gamble, the risk is very high with the return maybe not equal.

The following is a turnaround proposed by turnaround specialists at Salvus Harbor Financial LLC: Turnaround and Recovery Plan for Detroit Michigan

For questions or more information on turnarounds and successful restructuring click this link to go to Salvus Harbor Financial :


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